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Harnon Consulting - Digital Marketing Experts

Visualize your Marketing Technology Strategy

Harnon Consulting - Digital Marketing Experts

Use our tool below to model, visualize and analyze your current marketing technology strategy in the 9 key digital marketing areas:

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We do not have a search strategy for our business

We help you adjust your marketing strategy and offer a range of services, from tuning your digital marketing plan to setting up analytics and gathering reports.

We decode your Adobe Experience Cloud strategy and make it effortlessly understandable.

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Harnon Marketing Node

Our own custom marketing software, Marketing Node, (included in all our subscriptions) connects all the platforms you use for digital marketing. It helps gather campaigns’ results from various channels and displays the statistics from each one separately. 

Now all your marketing efforts go in one direction.

Its clear interface permits you to focus on the data and analyze the performance of your campaigns in real time to scale the business efficiently.

Evaluate and plan - Marketing Node connects more than 20 tools (Oracle Eloqua, Hubspot, Adobe Marketo, Adobe Workfront, Hotjar, Salesforce, to name a few.), so you have all the data for your campaigns in one place. 

Switch between channels in one click to compare your results. Analyze KPI’s and ROAS gathered automatically by the Marketing Node.

Business Industries

Harnon Consulting is an expert in Marketing working with companies in:

  • Cybersecurity: Webinars, Online Events.

  • Insurance: Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing.

  • Finance: Promotions, Email Marketing.

  • Technology: Customer Experience, Mobile, Social Media, Email Marketing.

Advantages of Harnon Consulting

  • Highly experienced experts and technically certified consultants in Oracle Eloqua, Hubspot, Marketo, Workfront, Hotjar, Salesforce, Magento and Google Ecosystem among many others.

  • Adaptive customization - we set up your favorite instruments for you to define the accurate direction of your marketing without additional uncertain experiments.

  • Assistance for all business sizes - whether you have a startup, medium or big size company, we support and stimulate the growth of your organization.

  • You are in charge of the marketing investment - Straightforward ROI and ROAS calculation displays quantitative marketing performance for you to take the decision about the next step.

  • Problem-solving approach - we focus on the solution of the problem after reviewing the most common issues from our practice.

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