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Email Marketing

Managed Email Marketing Service for B2B Companies.

B2B Email marketing and email optimization. Our managed email marketing service optimizes your email funnel and uses email marketing automation to multiply your marketing efforts.

Harnon Consulting provides turnkey B2B solutions to companies that Delivers measurable ROI, is unified between apps you currently use, transfers your email server to a cloud-based system, keeps the data secure, is suitable for CRMs and ERPs.

B2B Email Marketing Funnel Optimization

Create targeted email marketing campaigns by working with an experienced email marketing team.

Email Marketing Tools We Love:

There are many email marketing tools out there, our email marketing pros love using the following tools.

HubspotMarketoOracle Eloqua

Find the holes in your email marketing with our free initial funnel audit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We are here to help.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the process of sending commercial messages to a group of people via email. Email marketing can be used to promote a company’s products or services, build customer loyalty, or increase brand awareness with both B2B and B2C customers.

Types of email marketing

There are many email marketing examples out there, however they are divided into 2 mian types based on their purpose: operational and marketing-based.

Operational Email Marketing

Operational email marketing is focused on supporting your overall marketing funnel and is triggered by customer or prospect actions. These are typically emails that customers expect to get and are not solicitations.

Examples of operational email marketing include:

  • Thank you emails from website form fills.
  • Automated content suggestions based on user website activity.
  • Order confirmation emails after purchasing.
  • Meeting confirmation emails after booking an appointment or phone call.

Marketing-Based Email Marketing

Marketing-based email marketing are emails that are focused on generating interest and provoking action

How does Email Marketing Work?

How email marketing works varies across different types of email campaigns, however they follow the same primary steps:

  • Define your target email marketing audience.
  • Determine your email marketing goals.
  • Develop a plan that encourages your audience to take action toward your email marketing goals.
  • Execute your email marketing plan.
  • Continuously optimize your email marketing funnel.

Define your target email marketing audience.

Who will be the recipient of your email campaigns? The most effective campaigns come from sending targeted emails that the right audience receives at the right time. It's possible to have both one single target audience or multiple target audiences across multiple types of email marketing campaigns.

Determine your email marketing goals?

Email marketing lead generation might be the primary goal of most campaigns, however, that's only one reason why email marketing is important to your business. Do you want to reactivate past customers, introduce a new product to your current customers, generate more reviews, show customers how to use your product or service, or build a fan base that can refer you to new customers? Define your email marketing goals so you can build a targeted email plan to reach them.

Develop a plan that encourages your audience to take action toward your email marketing goals.

If your plan is to build loyalty with your company, sending brand emails will reinforce name recognition and the value your product or service provides. If lead generation is the goal, you could develop a targeted cold email marketing campaign to attract potential customers. Before you send your first email, you should know what email should go next and what action you want your audience to take.

Execute your email marketing plan.

Now is the time to start sending your email campaign newsletter or building your email marketing automation. Whatever your plan is, don't hesitate when it comes to building out your email marketing funnel.

Continuously optimize your email marketing funnel.

The best way to increase your email marketing return on investment is to optimize your email marketing funnel on a regular basis. Measure open rates, click-through rates, lead conversions, and revenue generated from all types of email marketing campaigns. Split test email subject lines, email copy, landing page design, and your goals based on what will bring you the most return for your email marketing dollars.

Why use Email Marketing?

There are many features of email marketing that make it beneficial for your B2B marketing efforts, including:

  • Unlike search, social media, and any marketing on platforms you don't own, you have control. There is no one throttling your reach in order to sell more advertising.
  • Email is one of the least expensive forms of marketing for the return on your investment. Most of the email marketing tools we recommend cost between $500-$1,000 per month, however, email marketing returns an average of $32 for every $1 spent.
  • Email is used in the day-to-day business, so there's a great chance that your customer will at least see your name and/or brand via the email you sent.

Why is Email Marketing important?

Email marketing provides one of the highest returns on investment you can achieve on your marketing investment. It's effective, you have more control than most marketing channels, and it's practically free to run.

What is an Email Newsletter?

An email newsletter is a type of email marketing campaign where you send emails to a list of recipients who have opted-in to receive emails from you or your company. Through this email, you can inform customers of new products/services, build trust by providing value, drive thought leadership, or foster raving fans that write reviews and drive referrals.

How to find Email Leads?

The best place to find email leads is through your current and past customers, vendors you work with, or through your social media and online presence. You can also generate cold email leads, however, you could get in trouble for mass mailing to email addresses that have not asked to be contacted by you.

How can email marketing fuel your inbound marketing strategy?

Email marketing can fuel your inbound marketing strategy by providing a channel to send emails that nurture your leads and move them through your sales funnel. Email marketing automation cna send targeted emails based on trigger events providing a marketing experience that’s tailored to each individual’s actions.

What email marketing skills are most effective to learn?

The most important email marketing skills one can learn are copywriting, data analytics, and knowing how to use all the email marketing features in your chosen email marketing tools

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Use Cases

Email marketing has many use cases. Here are some of the more common ones along with some email marketing ideas for your small business.

Attracting Prospective Customers

Marketing an email newsletter is a great way to attract prospective customers, especially when the newsletter is something of value, not just more junk. If you offer software that tracks maintenance for commercial building owners, you could do an email newsletter that talks about maintenance for building owners, including topics other than your software.

Engaging Current or New Customers

Email can be a great way to engage your current customers and keep them updated on what's new with your business. New products or services that will help them get better results or solve other problems that coincide with your current offer can be sent to customers through an email marketing funnel.

Generating Reviews & Testimonials

Email is a great place to start generating more reviews and testimonials. You can send an email to customers who have had a great experience and ask them to leave a review or write a testimonial, which you can then use on your website or have them post it on a website that offers reviews of other businesses.

Building Brand Loyalty by Providing Value

Brand loyalty by providing value to your customers. Help your customers, through your newsletter, solve problems similar to the problems your product or service solves, and you will earn their trust and loyalty through the value you provide to them.

Generating Partners and Influencers for Your Brand

We've seen local email marketing campaigns do extremely well since you have the opportunity to highlight other local businesses, creating a network of businesses that will refer you business in exchange for sending the marketing 'love' their way.

Harnon Email Marketing Implementation Steps

Marketing Email

Define whether it is an operational or marketing email.


Identify buyer touchpoints, set lead generation and content strategy


Outline the tracking information to integrate with other marketing tools.

Report Track

Create a suite of reports that track your success indicators (ROI, cost per lead, etc.)


Implement campaigns or responses in the most appropriate tool (Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot)


Gather results of the campaign for optimization of costs and conversions.

Marketing Node

Visualize campaign performance in Marketing Node.


Launch, learn and optimize based on your campaign’s performance.

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