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Ecommerce Marketing Services

Managed Email Marketing Service for B2B Companies.

Learn to implement ecommerce automation strategies that empower your ecommerce marketing channels to streamline, automate and optimize digital marketing efforts.

Convert visitors into customers and grow your ecommerce business faster with proven ecommerce marketing channels powered by our ecommerce automation and optimization services. Harnon Consulting offers end-to-end ecommerce solutions through a marketing visualization dashboard.

Ecommerce Marketing Tools We Use:

Magento, Ecommerce platform that supports businesses in every stage. Scale your B2B, B2C or D2C business as needed. Integrate the existing channels to provide the best user experience using AI. Shopify, Powerful ecommerce platform that helps create an online store, collect payments, advertise products and track and ship orders online.



Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We are here to help.

What ecommerce means?

Ecommerce is like a self-service in a virtual shop. Marketing ecommerce helps to create and deliver value for the online audience, enabling customers to purchase goods and services through an interactive experience.

Why ecommerce is the future?

Digital tendencies give us the opportunity to live simpler using the Internet. We buy online more and more every day. Launching a new product online is more convenient and less expensive than using the retail store straightaway, as you can make a test with a small amount of items. Then you can implement an e-commerce marketing strategy in order to reach the target market and gain the share in the niche of your business. Finally you can analyze the result using statistics and make the necessary adjustments afterwards.

How to increase ecommerce sales

Harnon consulting helps with the following ecommerce marketing services:

  • Web design
  • Analytics
  • Commerce strategy
  • Marketing Consulting
  • System Migrations
  • Payment processing systems

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Building Pathways

That Bring Customers To You

The first question most people ask is, 'what is digital commerce?'. The right marketing technology and ecommerce automation can help scale omnichannel ecommerce marketing channels to increase traffic and conversions. We can create for you an ecommerce marketing funnel with innovative and flexible ecommerce marketing solutions to turn your traditional brick-and-mortar retail store into a successful online business.

Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce Marketing Optimization

Delivering Enhanced Performance

Retail is changing, but are you? You don’t want to be a marketing cliché. Every brand is different –we understand it. What’s more, every eCommerce store is built differently. You deserve a partner who understands the changing facets of online shopping platforms and multi-channel ecommerce management. Go beyond the status quo and align ecommerce marketing channels with increasing brand awareness, generating more web traffic, increasing sales, and driving revenue.

Grow Your Business Online With Versatility, Simplicity, And Profitability

As the leading ecommerce marketing consulting partner with certified marketers, analysts, and think tanks, we work together with our clients to achieve real growth. We partner with leading eCommerce solutions providers like Shopify and Magento to deliver and optimize customer journeys and steady growth. We will also help you learn how to get more sales on Shopify. The results speak for themselves.

Use Cases

Ecommerce Personalization

Master the art of creating dynamic content to offer personalized shopping experiences that drive customer loyalty and sales. Keep customers happy by providing a fine blend of ecommerce marketing optimization and product offering.

Behavior-Driven Pop-Ups & Notifications

Enhance customer experiences with tailored pop-up notifications to increase web traffic conversions into sales while offering a quality user experience. Recapture sales, maximize sales, promote discounts, and boost loyalty among your target audience.

Boost Customer Loyalty And Trust

Offer personalized customer services, product recommendations, exclusive perks, and an irresistible incentive system built into a successful ecommerce digital strategy. Inbound marketing for ecommerce offers multiple communication channels and touchpoints that help brands create positive experiences.

Find The Best Marketing Collateral

Implement effective ecommerce marketing tactics, design, functionality, and content that provide optimal results. Compare and test various versions of your ecommerce marketing strategies to achieve powerful ecommerce management.

Showcase Your Products & Catalog

Complement your existing ecommerce strategies and empower users with innovative product placements powered by try-on algorithms, virtual realities, and other advanced technologies to deliver customized online shopping experiences.

Grow Your Ecommerce Subscription Models

Improve customer retention and drive revenue by offering value-added benefits, curating customers, and replenishing subscriptions with an efficient pricing model that maximizes profitability.

An Exceptional E-commerce Performance Visualization Tool– Marketing Node

Marketing Node is an enterprise-class visualization dashboard that offers transparency into the performance of your ecommerce store by presenting all your marketing and sales data in an easy-to-understand format. The tool offers clear visualization of all your KPIs, and this data can be used to improve future campaigns and strategies.

We’ve Done It Before. We Do It Every Day. We Can Do It For You

Elevate Revenue

We have helped countless ecommerce businesses elevate their revenue streams with ecommerce marketing ideas. Is it your turn next?

Here’s how you can also benefit from our ecommerce marketing solutions and optimization services:

  • Efficient Inventory Management

    Simplifying the tracking and recording of inventory metrics such as pricing, amount, location, etc., to deliver efficient, cost-effective, and accurate results.

  • Determination Of Target Audience

    Effective identification of relevant shoppers saves your marketing efforts, time, and money through customer segmentation, ultimately allowing you to reach a bigger and interested audience.

  • Realization Of Financial Goals

    Streamlining the entire budgeting, pricing, planning, and measurement process to help you create ecommerce strategies meeting your sales and financial targets.

  • Developing Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

    With the data visualization, you can plan an ecommerce strategy based on insights, market trends, customer research, and brand values to amplify your ecommerce marketing funnel.

  • Efficient Measurement Plan

    Your ecommerce marketing strategy is only as effective as the KPIs you choose. Translate your top-line ecommerce objective into metrics and dimensions that measure your store’s performance.

  • Harness Collaborative Tools

    To kick off your online store, leverage different ecommerce marketing tools that are capable of taking it up a notch with higher levels of engagement, online orders, and sales.

  • Unified Marketing Node Platform

    Support your end-to-end growth with a single platform through seamless customer experiences and touch points. Centralize, capture and secure multiple ecommerce marketing channels in a single place.

Take Advantage Of The Best-In-Class Ecommerce Integrations

No fudging the numbers – transparent and efficient ecommerce implementation drives our clients for more. Let us help power your online store with resourceful ecommerce strategies to drive the lead-to-conversion rate

Harnon Ecommerce Marketing Implementation Steps


Make an inventory document of products and services that you want to sell online.


Identify Financial Goals, Milestones, Target audience, and Budget.


Create your eCommerce sitemap based on your products and categories

Strategy & Plan

Design the commerce strategy and the ecommerce measurement plan.


Load all your inventory and implement the measurement plan using the most suitable tools.

Marketing Node

Make all marketing and sales data visible in the Marketing Node.


Launch, learn and optimize based on your campaign’s performance.

Ecommerce marketing solutions that drive more revenue to your online store.

We plan to win ecommerce campaigns that put the spotlight on your products. We have you covered, whether that be ecommerce content marketing plans or implementation strategies. Double down on your user experience and build customer-centric strategies for ecommerce with our cohesive platform.

Attract the right customers, nurture your ideal prospects, and generate targeted traffic – partner with Harnon Consulting.

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