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Marketing Analytics

Harnon Marketing Analytics for B2B Advertising.

Grow your ROI with a next-gen digital marketing analytics consulting service powered by Marketing Node, and optimize your marketing data and campaigns for impressive and sustainable results.

Marketing analytics allows you to use marketing-related data to assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns to determine what works, what doesn’t, and the best place to put your money.

Harnon Consulting combines advanced marketing analytical solutions with proprietary analytics software and a laser focus on your business objectives to help you make real-time decisions and grow your ROI.

Uncover Blind Spots With Unparalleled Marketing Analytics Expertise

The importance of marketing analytics goes beyond analyzing customer behavior. Today’s customers use diverse channels, including mobile, desktop, and offline, before purchasing, making customer journeys more complicated. Outsmart your competitors through a robust view of your entire marketing strategy to streamline your goals and help you implement a holistic marketing plan that meets those goals.

Drive More Sales and Revenue With Targeted Marketing Data Solutions

From refining your marketing message to finding the best digital marketing channels to reach your high-value customers and positioning the right products, Harnon Consulting is the key to streamlining your business analytics marketing objectives and KPIs and proactively leveraging growth opportunities. Our digital marketing analytics consulting impacts metrics that improve your bottom line.

Marketing Analytics Features and Capabilities

Marketing Analytics allows your business to analyze real-time data to gauge the present, predict the future and prioritize marketing offers to make a tangible difference to your bottom line.

  • Industry and brand-specific analytics infrastructure
  • Customer intelligence and segmentation
  • Multichannel tracking, cross-channel tracking, and cross-device tracking
  • Revenue multi-funnel analysis and marketing activities performance evaluation
  • Market research and competitor campaign analysis
  • Social media listening and analysis
  • Campaign analytics, content analysis, CRO, and A/B testing
  • Forecasting, Optimization, and Prescriptive analysis

Harnon Marketing Analytics Consulting Services

More targeted marketing strategies mean more wins and profits. Using our user-friendly proprietary dashboard, Marketing Node, we deep dive into advanced analytical platforms for more predictive growth.

Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics is a popular online marketing analytics software that provides a wealth of data to help your brand better understand your website, marketing, content, and products. With Harnon Consulting, you can confidently rely on actionable insights to identify new opportunities across untapped customer segments.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a robust web analytics marketing platform offering flexible, cloud-oriented, and highly interactive data visualization tools for tracking conversions, developing compelling visual stories, assessing customer lifetime value, and determining the most effective marketing channels with meaningful insights. Harnon Consulting is your partner for confidently driving conversions and engagement with trusted business insights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We are here to help.

What is marketing analytics?

Marketing analytics is a data-driven approach to marketing that uses statistical techniques to measure and analyze the performance of marketing campaigns and activities. With Marketing analytics, you can better understand your marketing campaigns, simplify customer journeys, and leverage untapped markets.

Why is business marketing analytics needed?

Marketing analytics helps your business harness invaluable data curated by tracking and reporting performance data, diagnostic metrics, and leading indicator metrics to understand the big picture marketing trends, understand why particular marketing campaigns and channels worked better, and monitor trends over time and future results. Simply put, it is the necessary tool to maintain a laser focus on results instead of activities.

What are marketing analytics tools?

Marketing analytics tools help businesses identify the best target demographics to spend their time with, track the latest techniques and customer expectations, and understand customer behavior and preferences to make effective business decisions. Harnon Consulting uses its proprietary dashboard, Marketing Node, to deep dive into advanced digital marketing analytics platforms such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

How to use Google Analytics for Marketing?

Google Analytics is a powerful online marketing analytics platform that works as a center of excellence to track all marketing activities across online and social marketing platforms. Google Analytics makes it easier to segment users by behavior or demographic attributes. Thus, you can launch customized messages, likewise promotional and transactional.

How to use Adobe Analytics for Marketing?

Adobe Analytics is a powerful advanced marketing analytics tool that makes it easier to discover critical points in customer journeys. Adobe Analytics empowers you with in-depth segmentation and real-time analytics to harness granular insights.

What Can You Do With Marketing Analytics?

Get a glimpse of how brands maximize the benefits of marketing analytics to achieve impressive results.

Eliminate silos, and gain a 360 degrees view of your marketing performance, KPIs, and ROI analysis.

Real-time analytics to identify gaps in your digital marketing strategy and make improvements.

Gain a clearer understanding of your marketing KPIs and business objectives.

Use historical customer marketing analytics to understand customers better to optimize the experience.

Deep dive into brand’s products and how they stack up against competitors and the market.

Compare marketing campaign activities to competitors to leverage untapped markets.

Develop custom-tailored, hyper-focused ads that maximize conversion volume.

Uncover, simplify and improve customer’s buyer journey to accelerate conversions.

Access marketing activities to prioritize advertising spend, strategy, and time on the suitable investments.

Leverage dependable visualized marketing data and dashboards to maintain laser focus driving impressionable results.

How Harnon Marketing Analytics Consulting Work?

At Harnon Consulting, we provide a custom, tailored, and hyper-focused consulting service that solves real business problems for sustainable growth.


Identify, connect and consolidate all your marketing-related data from silos and spreadsheets into a unified space that enables 360-degree visibility.


Determine business KPIs and objectives for accurate and actionable marketing performance measurements.


Establish a success benchmark and develop an analytics strategy blueprint specific to your marketing budget, timeline, and business goals.


Implement a marketing analytics strategy and establish preliminary to validate even the smallest details.


Leverage interactive data visualizations through Harnon Marketing Node to make smarter business decisions.

Ready to grow with digital marketing analytics consulting service you can trust?

Our digital marketing analytics experts have helped ramp up their revenue without increasing advertising spending or customer acquisition costs. They are ready to help you solve your business problems to increase calls, conversions, sales, and leads. Request a free strategy and get an actionable blueprint for real results.
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