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Mobile Marketing Campaigns solutions for B2B.

B2B mobile marketing that keeps you on top of mobile marketing trends. Our mobile marketing services include mobile marketing automation and SMS notifications.

Mobile marketing trends show that buyers are 5% more likely to use mobile devices to conduct research and discover new brands than desktop. The benefits of mobile marketing include making content more accessible to buyers wherever they are, the ability to send SMS notifications, and mobile marketing automation allows you to quickly move your buyer’s through your funnel while they’re emotions are high with little human interaction.

Mobile Marketing Platform Trusted by Professionals:


Airship is the mobile marketing solution we use to deliver personalized and contextual messaging to our client’s customers and audience. With over 90% open rates, SMS notifications are one of the best ways to reach your customers. Airship’s mobile marketing technologies allow you to create an immersive experience across multiple mobile marketing channels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We are here to help.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing focuses on targeting users on their mobile devices. Mobile marketing strategies involve using SMS notifications, email, mobile responsive websites, mobile apps, and mobile push notifications to collect information and engage with current and prospective customers.

Mobile marketing strategy, metrics, and analytics come together to create effective mobile marketing campaigns that meet buyers on the devices they use all throughout their day.

Why mobile marketing is important?

The importance of mobile marketing is proven by the 15 billion mobile devices in the world in 2021. Incorporating mobile marketing and technology into your marketing strategies allows you to reach those who are researching solutions and interacting with brands via their mobile devices.

Mobile marketing automation allows you to create personalized, contextual, and timely mobile marketing that allows you to scale your marketing efforts without detracting from your marketing capacity. Mobile marketing automation syncs customer data from your CRM and customer behavior with real-time mobile data. This information can be paired with predictive mobile marketing analytics and machine learning to discover mobile marketing trends and build smarter, more engaging mobile marketing campaigns.

Why use mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing allows you to use high-touch, low cost tools to communicate directly with your customers and target audience. Your customers carry their mobile devices with them constantly, making mobile marketing effective at reaching your customers when desktop-based marketing fails.

SMS notifications, for example, provide a simple and reliable mobile marketing channel for sending messages directly to your leads and customers.>

In addition, mobile wallets give you the opportunity to improve customer loyalty programs by allowing your customers to keep track of coupons, tickets, boarding passes, loyalty cards, etc., all at their fingertips.

Mobile Marketing Types

There are many types of mobile marketing that you can utilize to reach your customers. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, so you should perform an in-depth mobile marketing analysis before you decide which mobile marketing type should be implemented in your mobile marketing strategy.

SMS Notification

SMS Notifications, or text notifications, are notifications that come through via text message. Over 6 billion text messages are sent per day, businesses have caught on and are using this channel to cut through the noise online and spam filters to reach their customers.

Mobile Email Marketing

Most people have at least one email account synced to their phone, many have multiple accounts. Mobile marketing via email allows your audience to read emails while they are waiting in line, going to the bathroom, or riding on a plane, train or car. Formatting your emails with mobile marketing and technology in mind is crucial to increasing email readability, open rates, and click-through rates.

Mobile Responsive Websites

If website visitors must pinch and drag your website content on their mobile device, you’re doing it wrong. You want your website content to be easy to read on the smallest phone and on the largest screen. Designing and building a mobile responsive website should be part of any mobile marketing services offered by a mobile marketing team

Mobile Push Notifications

Mobile push notifications are a non-intrusive way for you to communicate with your customers and supercharge your mobile marketing. Customers must allow mobile notifications, so customers are asking to take part in your mobile marketing.

Mobile Apps

Websites can be limited in their capacity to support your mobile marketing efforts, and that’s where mobile apps come to play. Mobile apps help to provide a custom experience for your customers including the ability to easily interact with your brand, access their information offline, and allows you to an additional mobile marketing channel for engaging with your customers: mobile notifications.

Use Cases

Generates more revenue using mobile push notifications by enticing users to your app with relevant, and personalized offers.

Delivers location-based offers via mobile app push notifications, SMS, or web notifications enhancing the guest experience and increasing revenue in hotel, retail (when entering the location), and other sectors.

Automate reminders and notifications based on users behaviors such as purchases or abandoning carts.

Use AI to identify prospects likely to become inactive and take steps to retain them using automated workflows.

Allows easy access to different payment forms including credit/debit cards, QR codes, payment wallets, bank accounts etc.

Simplifies the traveler’s experience from booking trips, accelerating check-in, delivering quick access to the most up-to-the-minute flight information. These are powered by app notifications, mobile wallets, and SMS notifications.

Harnon Mobile Marketing Implementation Steps

Mobile Marketing

Audit the mobile marketing channels including your website.


Define the mobile strategy KPIs and goals.


Define the mobile marketing strategy against target KPIs and goals.


Identify target channels and segments.


Mobile optimize the current website, landing pages, and emails.

Mobile App

Create a mobile app if necessary.


Implement the proper tools based on the customer’s needs and budget.

Marketing Node

Connect reports for visualization in Marketing Node.

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