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Marketing Management

Marketing management solutions for B2B.

Marketing management including marketing information management, campaign management marketing, and brand marketing management.

Managing marketing is a full-time job. Coordinating website content, social media posts, and email campaigns can be daunting without the use of marketing management tools. One of the goals of marketing management is to ensure that you are constantly creating, approving and publishing marketing information so it’s timely and accurate.

Marketing Management Tools We Trust:

Marketing campaign management requires great project management and an understanding of all the functions of marketing management.


Adobe Workfront is what we use to track the fulfillment of marketing management processes and tasks. Workfront is the strategic marketing management software that we use for managing marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We are here to help.

What is Marketing Management?

Marketing management is the implementation of marketing management strategies to plan, execute, communicate and assign marketing ideas and tasks to achieve an organization's marketing goals. Effectively executing on marketing management functions is the key to the success of any marketing initiatives.

​​Why is Good Marketing Management Critical?

The importance of good marketing management is in aligning your processes, people, and technology so you can effectively hit your marketing KPIs. Strategic marketing management enables your whole team to understand the stages of marketing management from concept to plan and execution to analysis.

Why is marketing management important? It keeps all your marketing resources in one place for ease of access and execution. Effective marketing information management enables you to make real-time decisions on your marketing. Making marketing decisions based on old data is just speculation. Having access to real-time information allows you to stay ahead of your competition and break through the noise through constant iteration of your marketing and advertising efforts.

What is Marketing Work Management Software?

Marketing work management software enables you to keep all your marketing efforts in one so you can easily access all your information and make real-time marketing decisions. Marketing management business software increases your marketing capacity by:

  • Boosting Productivity - Have more time for strategic and creative work.
  • Reducing Approval Times - Workflows can be automated across teams and departments.
  • Accelerate Marketing Work - Have your marketing tools and applications in one place.

Whom is the Marketing Software Suitable for?

Anyone who is involved in strategic marketing information management should have access to your marketing management software.

  • Digital Marketing Managers: To execute, plan, and control online marketing campaigns.
  • Product Marketing Manager: To ensure product marketing is being executed effectively and the customer experience is managed properly.
  • Brand Marketing Manager: To manage brand marketing assets and information
  • Content Marketing Manager: To plan, create, and publish valuable content to engage more customers.
  • Social Media Marketing Manager: To ensure social media marketing and communications are executed effectively and on a timely basis.
  • Marketing Campaign Manager: To oversee the deployment of integrated marketing campaigns and oversee A/B testing.
  • Marketing Agency or Contractors: To provide external access to internal marketing information and assets.
  • Marketing Management Business: To manage the integrity and effectiveness of marketing management solutions.

How Will Marketers Get the Reporting They Need?

Justifying devoting resources like time and budgets requires evaluation of KPIs in real-time. Marketing resource management includes having easy access to these KPIs, and allows for an understanding of the return on investment provided by different marketing campaigns.

Effective marketing management means different things to each role in the marketing and revenue functions of a business. Executives want to understand results and ROI. Marketing management for campaign managers means seeing a holistic view of all marketing channels.

Channel managers need a view of the individual channels in order to manage marketing under their management. Individual contributors need to see where their efforts are successful and how they can influence the marketing efforts of the business. There are some tools that incorporate all functions of marketing management, however, you can also look at potential integrations with other tools and software to better suit your needs and budget.

Types of Marketing Management

There is no one size fits all approach to marketing management. How you address managing marketing depends on the goals of marketing management that your organization has.

Affiliate Marketing Management

Affiliate marketing management requires marketing information management with many people outside of your organization. Affiliates need easily accessible marketing information that will enable them to market and sell your products and services with little to no direct involvement from your marketing team.

Global Marketing Management

Global marketing management involves marketing management solutions that allow you to connect with people across different cultures and languages. This also means managing marketing across platforms that are used in specific countries such as different websites, social media platforms, and search engines.

Enterprise Marketing Management

Enterprise marketing management involves strategic marketing management across a large organization. Marketing asset security, privacy, and access needs to be constantly monitored, especially when marketing team members can change on a constant basis.

Marketing Resource Management

Marketing resource management involves managing the time invested and the budgets required to execute on effective marketing and advertising campaigns.

Marketing Time Management

Time is money, and it’s the only resource you can’t get more of. Understanding how much time you are devoting to your marketing efforts is part of effective marketing management.

Marketing Budget Management

Managing marketing effectively requires that you stay on budget and provide a measurable return on investment of your marketing efforts. Whether it’s your budget for hiring, ad spend, agencies, contractors, or software, most marketing departments only have so much to spend on their marketing and advertising efforts.

Use Cases

Collecting real-time data against your target KPIs (key performance indicators)

Connecting people, processes, budgets, technology, and marketing information across multiple marketing disciplines in a single location creating collaboration and more unified communication

Manage marketing across all phases of marketing execution (concept, planning, review, execution, launch, analysis, and optimization) and identify issues before they affect performance

Ensure everyone has access to relevant marketing dashboards with real-time information so that decisions can be made on a wholistic and granular level

Foster collaboration in teams across multiple disciplines

Harnon Marketing Management Implementation Steps


Define the organizational structure, including project types, stakeholders, change management, communications, etc.


Collect KPIs to measure success and determine points of friction for the marketing team.


Connect your Objectives, KPIs, and Initiatives (OKRs).

Plan & Review

Marketing Management Plan Review, Validation and Implementation.

Marketing Node

Utilize Marketing Node to visualize your campaign’s performance.

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