Marketing Analytics
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Marketing Analytics

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«Take smart risks. We help you calculate the returns.»
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Brands that leverage analytics have a crystal-clear view into how their customers behave online - and ultimately, what makes their customers tick.
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Analytics drives decision-making and results, helping company leaders understand when to pivot on spending, budget prioritization or resource optimization.
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Data and Intelligence:

Collect data on customers’ online behavior - clicks, views, scrolls, and more - and utilize this data to make informed business decisions.

Lead generation:

Understand which marketing channels bring in and convert the most leads.

The customer journey:

Follow each touch point in the customer journey and see what draws users to make a purchase.


Unify marketing data collected from various channels and make the data available to interested stakeholders.

Harnon Consulting provides your brand with a clear picture of how each marketing channel performs. With the Harnon Marketing Hub, you’ll have access to a dashboard featuring powerful marketing analytics, enabling you to make smart business decisions and seek out the best ROI.

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