Cut out the middleman: How to use Airship to connect buyers and sellers

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Cut out the middleman: How to use Airship to connect buyers and sellers

Harnon Consulting
Harnon Consulting, February 4 2021

The Airship Customer Engagement Platform is a powerful tool to cut out the middle man and connect buyers and sellers, while providing all the functionality, security and user experience – creating a perfect space for doing business. Here we will show you how Harnon helped a client in the used car space to use a mobile application, a progressive web application (PWA) version, and the flexibility and power of Airship to get results.

With our help our client was able to break out of the same old way of doing things in the second-hand cars sales market – posts on accredited platforms, search and display ads, to name a few – and instead connected buyers and sellers directly.

Making a connection

To begin with, the app was built on top of an algorithm to segment car owners for particular models, and connect them with leads that are looking for these models, in real-time. Instead of having to go through a dealer or post an ad, car owners were automatically supplied with high quality, fresh leads ready to buy.

Connecting buyers and sellers

When this connection is made, Airship triggers an automated process to shoot in-app messages and email alerts to the owner to tell them that someone is looking for a car exacting like theirs and probably is ready to make an offer. When someone makes an offer, the car owner receives this in real time.

App messages

Automatic Re-engagement

When a lack of response is detected, Airship starts a series of messages so you can try to re-engage abandoned conversations, follow-ups, and re-market deals that need more help.

App messages

With all the data intelligence that Airship provides, you can track push notification, opens, track particular events in the app, and understand which screens that your users are seeing. Instead of spending on ads that no-one clicks on, the marketer can launch powerful and personalized campaigns, but only to people with specific behavior, targeting leads that are in the game for buying and selling.

App messages

As you can see, connecting buyers and sellers through a mobile channel is very powerful. Combining your transactional app with Airship turns your App into a great marketing tool, connecting you with the best possible leads.

If this sounds like something that you would like to implement, but don’t know where to start, we can help. At Harnon, our development and service teams are always excited to work with marketing operations teams to connect Airship with proprietary apps, analytics and lead generation tools. From e-commerce to retail stores, we always come up with a solution for our customers. Contact us to learn more about our mobile marketing practices.

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