3 Steps to Take When Choosing Marketing Software

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3 Steps to Take When Choosing Marketing Software

Harnon Consulting
Harnon Consulting, August 1 2020

Technology is at the heart of modern marketing, but we often find in our marketing solution sales calls, many customers do not really know their needs, they’d just heard how cool our new tool was. This is a formula for software marketing acquisition decisions that end up in product abandonment, so to avoid this, we’ve developed the Marketing Map. There is a fancy name for a Kiviat diagram that illustrates where your MarTech is today, letting you know where there is room for improvement. Beyond this roadmap, we also wanted to explain three key steps to take when deciding on your next marketing software acquisition:

Start from your KPIs

You and your company will know your KPIs better than any outsider, so think of your KPIs as the most vital metrics you need to monitor every day in your business. You can start with a few of them, three to five is usually a good number. Examples of common marketing KPIs are new names, opportunities closed, revenue generated and marketing spend.

Do Your Research

Once you know your KPIs, start researching the type of software that will track these different KPIs for you. It may happen that one piece of software has everything you will need. But oftentimes, there is no one-size fits all on the market and you will need to look for best-in-breed tools for each particular area of your marketing.

Know the tools

I’m often very surprised that organizations very often are using something around 30% of the capabilities of their tools. You need to make sure to either train your team or get external expert help to figure out the details and best practices. Always keep in mind how this particular software will keep track of your KPIs and the specific actions that this tool makes for your marketing. The relationship between the particular problem that the software solves, the capability of reporting the results of such action and how this is connected to your KPI, will often guide you to a new software acquisition. So, with these three steps you are well on your way. Sometimes it is good to have an extra hand to help with the technical details It does not take long and the necessary effort to understand how these tools are connected so you can get to the milestone of marketing - get to know your customers and their journeys. If you are still overwhelmed, we can help: To find out more about our custom marketing map design, click here and complete the assessment.

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