3 Quality Assurance (QA) Tips Before You Launch  Your Marketing Campaign

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3 Quality Assurance (QA) Tips Before You Launch Your Marketing Campaign

Harnon Consulting
Harnon Consulting, July 15 2020

If you have ever felt insecure just as you pull the trigger on a marketing campaign launch, you aren’t alone. It doesn’t need to be that way if you track campaigns using a Workfront project and custom forms. Making a good implementation and revision process that assures everything is going to be perfect might be a challenging task, especially if you do not have a strong Quality Assurance (QA) process that includes all the details a marketing campaign should have like, subject line, content, display and flow. There can be a lot of other variables, depending on the complexity of your programs.

Since we here at Harnon started tracking campaigns using our work management system (Workfront), we are able to track the campaign and enforce QA using a custom form so we do not feel those launch-day fears anymore. Let's take a look at the details of how this process works.

1. New Project

The first step is to create every new marketing campaign as a project. Identifying all the actions that must be developed based on the different assets, workflows, any integration, and other requirements that the campaign may contain. Setting all these actions as tasks in Workfront (or your work management system), you will have a clear understanding of the campaign workflow. In addition, you can save your project as a project template and refine the process through time.

See our project template:

Project Template

2. Implementation and project execution

Using project templates based on the type of campaign you are going to launch (email, event, webinar, nurture, etc.) will improve the consistency of the process and time optimization. Additionally, having tasks representing the general assets (email, landing pages, forms, etc.) and subtasks for the detailed actions (subject line, CTA´s, content, etc.) gives you a granular view of the campaigns and ensures no detail is missed.

3. Q/A Process (custom form)

Once all tasks have been completed, the Q/A process must start, using a checklist gathering all the campaign actions grouped by assets, workflows, etc. . You can standardize your reviewing and approval process (we use a Workfront custom form). Now you are able to see if something is missing, and most importantly, all campaigns are going to be launched after a strong comprehensive Q/A and approval process.

Launching a campaign can be kind of a complex juggling act at the end, so you need to have all the details visible and standardized before the execution. Now that your campaign was delivered, you captured a lot of good quality leads and your sales and marketing teams are in love. You can set up a feedback process as it is important to constantly identify if there are commonly repeated issues across your campaigns by displaying a report that will give you a better understanding of these common challenges. This will give you a lot of background to constantly refine or improve your work process.

Campaign Reports

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