Harnon Standard Origins: How We Built a Truly Transparent MarTech Platform

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Harnon Standard Origins: How We Built a Truly Transparent MarTech Platform

Harnon Consulting
Harnon Consulting, July 7 2020

Here at Harnon, we came to realise that every marketing director in America was in need of some sort of fast, accurate and practical KPI visualization... so we ended up building a product that does exactly that. So I would like to walk you through the genesis of what we call the Harnon Standard, the guiding principle that drove us through this process.

One of the coolest experiences of my professional life happened when I was invited to help design the service offering for Harnon Consulting. It was a multidisciplinary team with multiple backgrounds and lots and lots of experiences to share. I remember seeing the first drafts in a white board after some hours of initial conversations. At that moment I realized that we were not creating a service offering “our services menu”, rather I started to see a product that was emerging out of a service and for me it was the first time seeing something like this.

I interrupted the meeting to explain the thoughts that were overwhelming my mind in that meeting. No one seems very convinced with what I explained that day, but as the weeks passed, it all started to make sense and here I will outline that Eureka moment and what your business can learn from it.

The concept of Service as a Product

When you are talking about a methodology that enforces best practices, you are basically talking about a product where it is crucial that best industry practices are put in place so it works to its fullest - otherwise the product is useless. So it was clear for me that we were talking about an abstract product that was taking shape every time we defined more and more our services.

The Users

Our approach is always goal centric, no matter if it was ROI, lead generation or brand awareness. We knew we could tailor our best practices methodology using only two variables: customer needs and customer KPIs, all while making all of this visible. We named this best practice methodology approach The Harnon Standard.

Now we faced a bigger problem, how can we enforce this standard or make sure that these best practices are going to be followed? Well, logically all our customers would trust our expertise but making your customer a team player is always hard, unless you are giving them what they really need, at the right time, with the right budget. So, with that, the Harnon Standard was born, we just needed a way to connect all the dots and implement it as a product.

The Harnon Marketing Node

One day, in one of our meetings, the obvious thing happened. I remember we’ve been discussing for weeks the most recurrent customer’s pains sharing all our stories of experiences with customers. Our customers were talking to us and we never understood this before. We realized that the primary need for the modern CMO is visibility, and mostly that. Every marketing director in America was in need of some sort of fast, accurate and practical KPI visualization, and I immediately knew we needed a product to support service offering, aka Harnon Marketing Node. The dots were connected. The Harnon Marketing Node, allows you to see your KPIs in a practical way. This is basically a decision maker tool. You can quickly see which area of your marketing requires attention, which one is over budgeted and how your goals are achieved in a timeline.

What we invented was a tool that enables your visualization of the real main points of your marketing. These visualization tools will not only help our customers' decisions, but will also help our consultants to have a better understanding of where we need to work or what kind of details require our attention.

We designed a tool that is part of a methodology but when you see it from above, you see a whole service supported by a wide range of software tools that enables the visibility of everything that is important in your marketing department. Making decisions just became a matter of using our tools and communicating with our consultants and advisors.

This is the reason why our service offering is so strong, because it is not designed by us, it is designed by our Marketing Node based on your data, meaning that your data is telling you what you need to do… we just made it visible. In conclusion, our services are designed by you and your organization, it’s just you don’t notice it.

This is what I love about being at Harnon. It is a very honest sale because your numbers are telling you what you need to do. When you partner with Harnon, you get access not only to our Marketing Node, but a variety of software tools that are very useful for all your marketing operations. All of them in a single place, managed by a dedicated team that knows your company because they know your data. This was our little contribution to the MarTech ecosystem, our ideas on how to end useless marketing that is constant across the majority of American companies.

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